A Detailed Look at the Fire Hose Reel System

A fire hose reel system is vital to a building or facility’s fire protection framework. Its primary purpose lies in ensuring an accessible water source for firefighting needs. This article will discuss the components of a fire hose reel system.

What Are The Components of a Fire Hose Reel System?

The fire hose reel system consists of several components, providing controlled access to water for firefighting operations. Here’s a breakdown of the key components and how they work together:

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The Hose Reel Itself

The fire fighting hose reel, a cylindrical drum or spool designed to hold the fire hose, is typically mounted on a wall or stands in strategic locations throughout a building, such as hallways, staircases, or near fire exits. Crucially, the reel must be adequately sized to accommodate the hose’s length, ensuring smooth deployment and retrieval during emergencies. Its design prioritizes ease of movement, allowing for quick and seamless unwinding of the hose without the risk of getting stuck. This functionality is essential for swift response times and effective firefighting efforts.

The Fire Hose

The fire hose, an essential component of the fire hose reel system, is purpose-built for firefighting. Constructed from durable materials like rubber or synthetic fibers, it is engineered to withstand high water pressure and extreme conditions. Connected to the hose reel, it can be rapidly deployed, allowing for swift response and effective fire suppression in emergencies.

Water Supply

The fire hose reel system requires a reliable water supply to provide water for firefighting. The water can come from a dedicated storage tank or the building’s main water supply. Sometimes, a booster pump may be installed to enhance the water pressure and ensure adequate flow.

Control Valve

The control valve is a crucial component that allows the user to turn the water supply on or off and regulate the water flow. It is typically located near the hose reel or adjacent to it for easy access. When the valve is opened, water flows through the hose, allowing firefighters or trained personnel to tackle the fire.


The nozzle is the endpoint of the fire hose and controls the flow and direction of water. It incorporates various settings, such as spray patterns and water flow adjustments, to suit different firefighting scenarios. The nozzle allows firefighters to direct the water precisely to extinguish fires effectively.

fire hose reel

fire hose reel

Hose Reel Cabinet

The hose reel cabinet serves as an enclosure that houses the hose reel and protects it from external elements, such as dust, moisture, and physical damage. It is typically made of sturdy materials like metal or plastic and is designed to be easily accessible during emergencies. The hose reel cabinet ensures that the hose reel and the fire hose are securely stored and readily available for immediate use when needed. Hose cabinet price varies according to several factors, such as material and size.

In the event of a fire, individuals trained in firefighting techniques can access the fire hose reel system, unroll the hose, and aim the water at the base of the fire to extinguish it. The system provides a relatively long reach and can be a valuable tool for initial fire suppression before the arrival of professional firefighters.

It’s important to note that fire hose reel systems are subject to local fire safety regulations and standards, which may vary depending on the jurisdiction and type of building. Regular maintenance and inspections are essential to ensure the system is in proper working order and ready for use in an emergency. Contact Advanced Systems now for more details.

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