FirePro Suppression Systems

Fire extinguishing aerosol system brand, European origin, with very high certifications & approvals, such as; UL/ULC/LPCB/BSI/ISO/KIWA/CSIRO/KFI/EPA SNAP/DNV GL/KEMA .. and much more.

System reference code NFPA 2010, friendly environment.

FirePro is the only system that is suitable for occupied areas by humans as per (EPA & KEMA).

FirePro fire extinguishing aerosol system is used as total flooding.

FirePro system can be considered as alternative for FM200 system.

No need for pipes or nozzles, no space required as the installation is on the ceiling, or the wall, making it easier to install, no maintenance needed, and not pressurized.

FirePro also has explosion proof units (ATEX certified).

Application examples:

Industry & commerce, electricity substations, electrical cabinets or panels, transformers rooms, warehouses, archives, engine rooms, control rooms, generator rooms, … and much more

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