Installation of FirePro Aerosol System UL Listed

FirePro systems typically use advanced technology, such as aerosol generators, to extinguish fires. Aerosol-based fire suppression systems release a fine mist or aerosol particles into the protected area to suppress the fire by removing heat and interrupting the chemical chain reaction that sustains the fire.

What Is Aerosol Generators?

Aerosol generators are devices designed to release aerosol particles into the air. Aerosols are tiny particles or droplets suspended in a gas, such as air. These generators can serve various purposes, including fire suppression, air freshening, or dispersing substances for industrial or scientific applications.

In the context of fire suppression, aerosol generators are often part of fire protection systems. They work by releasing a cloud of fine aerosol particles into a protected space. In the case of fire suppression, these aerosol particles can interfere with the combustion process by removing heat and disrupting the chemical reactions necessary for the fire to continue burning. The result is the suppression or extinguishing of the fire.

Aerosol fire suppression systems are known for their effectiveness, especially in enclosed spaces, and they are used in various industries to protect valuable assets and ensure safety. The aerosol particles released are typically non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

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