Advanced Systems Industries

Advanced Systems Industries

Advanced Systems for Industries Factory, located in Borg El Arab (Industrial) Area, Alexandria, Egypt.
We produce all types of fire cabinets using cutting-edge technology by our trained engineers & technicians, passing by the best quality control to ensure that we supply our clients with a solid reliable product.

Fire Cabinets Details:

– Full range of cabinets with different dimensions, colors to suit the project design, and different materials (steel & stainless steel).
– All cabinets are electro-static powder coated.
– Highly treated for corrosion resistance & suitable for outdoor installation.
– Giving warranty 5 years for corrosion.

Fire Hose Reel Details:

– LPCB approved.
– Pressure gauge showing the pressure inside the hose reel.
– Nozzle binding mechanical, not by clamp.

2.5” Single Jacket Fire Hose
Advanced Systems UK
– UL listed/FM approved.
– Light & compact structure.
– Corrosion resistance.
– Anti-aging weather resistance.
– Mold resistance Anti UV.
– Long service life.

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